It’s the middle of the night and you’re up. In the dark, an idea comes.

By morning, you have either already forgotten the idea, or you question the sanity of its message.

I trust those flashes that come in the silence, when the day’s distractions are gone. Even when they tell me to do something I’ve never done before, that I don’t have time for…when I will need to clear away other ‘important’ matters or allocate money…and that it will be a test to my technology challenged skills.. to do this new thing.

You know…you feel it in your body when the idea is good.. It means something to you.. …You have an opportunity to jump into the deep end and learn something new – about it, and about yourself. It’s a risk and you like that…

So here I am…an architect….day in and day out.
I practice architecture. I teach architecture.

And, on the side, my 3:00 AM hat idea was born.

A simple idea, and my voice to complacency.




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