A little about me...

I am actually an architect. One sleepless night, I was thinking about the current state of disconnection in our country. The idea for the Heal America Hat and its video came at about 3:00 AM. Although I do regard both the hat and video as a design project -- with this hat, I am stepping out of my usual professional comfort zone. I love that! 

My architectural company is DREAMLAND CREATIVE PROJECTS, which produces the Heal America Hat.  We  are a conscious design practice focused on bridging compassion and design. www.dreamlandcreativeprojects.com

"We seek out the client's story, which we call the seed of the dream, and its creative, identifying fingerprint. We work inside out to promote understanding as the core of pioneering ideas.  

We lean away from broad industry words such as sustainability and innovation.  Instead, we choose words such as tenderness, compassion, truth, risk and courage - as the roots of responsive, creative and financial health."

A percentage of profits generated by the hat sales will be dedicated to develop small sanctuary concepts and spaces, in urban centers. The conceptual development will be done by Dreamland Creative Projects.

I'd love to hear from you!

Contact info@healamerica.store

If you are interested in discussing other design projects contact dream@dreamlandcreativeproject.com

Thank you!