1) Do you make the hat in another color?  No. The concept behind the hat is that is is specifically purple (lavender) which is a mix of red and blue. Check out the  video which explains the reason for this concept.
2) Are there different types of hats and different sizes? No. It is a one size, unisex adult hat.
3) Can I order if it is out of stock? Yes, definitely. We will get the hat to you as quickly as we can.
4) Can I order a bulk order for a large group? Yes. Contact info@healamerica.store for shipping pricing. 
5) Are you making other products?  At the moment we are only making the hat. We plan to introduce other products. 
6) Can you ship internationally? Absolutely.
7) What is your return and exchange policy? Please check out our Refund and Exchange Policy on our store site.